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<!A101b>A-101 Incisor Mesial Matrix
A-101 Incisor Mesial Matrix
Our Price: $49.00

Intended for mesial of upper incisors.
Has straight incisal.
Curvature: 0.5mm.
Mylar matrix
A-102 Incisor Distal Matrix
Our Price: $49.00

The A-102 Incisor-Distal Matrix, is used for upper lateral and central incisors and both sides of canines. For large or deep composites, these Bioclear anterior matrices are hands free and can be used without an interproximator if the contact is intact. In other words, the matrix fits so intimately that the pressure of the gingiva can seal the gingival margin. However, to assist in creating a snug contact by tooth separation, the Standard Interproximator can be used after the initial increment of flowable is placed.
<!A103a>A-103 Small Incisor Matrix
A-103 Small Incisor Matrix
Our Price: $49.00

The A-103 Small Incisor Matrix is used for lower incisors and small maxillary incisors.
A104 mylar matrix
A-104 Anterior Straight Incisal 10mm Matrix
Our Price: $49.00

This 10mm matrix is a more open matrix allowing easier access but is less anatomically adapted on the facial and lingual.  The A-104 is the best choice for lower incisors, and can also be used upside down (tab facing the gingival) for restoring the incisal third when you need to “reach out” to close the incisal contact.  These teeth often have little or no curvature in the gingival half of the tooth, a problem unique to many lower incisors.
Dental sectional mylar matrix
A-105 Anterior Curved Incisal 10mm Matrix
Our Price: $49.00

The A-105 Anterior Curved Incisal 10mm matrix is similar to the A-104, but has a slightly more pronounced gingival and significantly more pronounced incisal curvature used for lower incisors and lower canines.  In order to fit smaller teeth, the sides can be trimmed back.  In addition, the Gingivo-Lingual and Gingivo-Facial corners can be trimmed back so that the matrix will seat completely to the depth of the sulcus.